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P.M. Anderson Test Case DIgSILENT

This page containg the DIgSILENT PowerFactory model of the classic P.M. Anderson 9bus test system.

The WSCC 3-machine, 9-bus system which well-known as P.M Anderson 9-bus, contains 3 generators, 6 lines, 3 loads and 3 two winding power transformers.

PowerFactory version 15.0 has included 6 examples from the literature, one of them is the P.M. Anderson, you will find it on the powerfactory examples area.

Here, I have included a screen shoot of that system for your personal review

Original Example provided by PowerFactory

- Single-Line diagram of the P.M. Anderson 9bus System -PF Version (56KB WMF) (Full readable version)
- Single-Line diagram of the P.M. Anderson -bus -FGL Version (56KB WMF) (Full readable version)
- DIigSILENT PowerFactory [Download] (File was created using version 15.2.2
Prof Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt created a personal version of the P.M. Anderson 9bus test case several years ago, and he make it available for public use.

This file is share for non commerical purposes. Please, feel free to use this file.

Prof. Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt is not responsable for any error incurred on the use of this file. Feel free to email for any comment or suggestion:

Example provided by Prof Francisco M. GonzalezLongatt

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