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P.M. Anderson Test Case

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The WSCC 3-machine, 9-bus system which well-known as P.M Anderson 9-bus, contains 3 generators, 6 lines, 3 loads and 3 two winding power transformers.

                                     Single line diagram of the P.M. Anderson test system

Full data and details can be found on [1] [2].

[1] P. M. Anderson and A. A. Fouad, Power System Control and Stability, 2nd ed. New York: IEEE Press, 2003.

[2] P. W. Sauer and M. A. Pai, Power System Dynamic and Stability. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1998

[3] ‘Power system test case archive’, available at:

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Sources Files

System Data

WCCC 3-machine, 9-bus system; the value of Y is half the line charging (Copyright 1977, Electric Power Research Institute. EPRI EL-0484. Power System Dynamic Analysis, Phase I)

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